AVFAC co-founder Mr. Carlos Reguerin, had the opportunity to see firsthand the need many children have for proper health care. He witnessed children suffering for lack of medical care and desperate parents searching for inexistent resources in their homeland.  He also noted a great need for community programs that help parents and guardians cope with their difficult circumstances. 

Mr. Reguerin wanted to make an impact for more these children, he partnered Ms. Marina Distefano to give AVFAC a solid foundation for a non for profit organization staffed with volunteer medical providers in Central Florida and much needed collaborations in South America.  As part of their philanthropic efforts, 3 children from Bolivia and Brazil, in great need received life changing medical treatments, with an approximately cost of $4,000 each. The $12,000 investment financed children’s travel, lodging and medical treatments in the United States.  He also shipped an emergency response vehicle (ambulance) and provided other basic and medical necessities to children in Bolivia. 

AVFAC medical adviser and board member Dr. German Bermudez Calero and his family have been leading for the last 30 years, good will missionary trips to the Providence of Juigalpa, Nicaragua. Once a year they gather basic essentials like clothing, shoes and toys, for more than 30 children. They also donate milk, diapers, and nursing bottles for babies.





Marina Soledad Distéfano Born in the province of Mendoza, Rep. Argentina on May 23rd, 1982 Mother of Isabella (4)


She emigrated to the USA on 11/09/2001 at the age of 18, having started a university degree in Psychology and Marketing, recently graduated, Graduated in Accounting Administration specialized in Imports and exports and foreign trade.

His childhood was always at the service of the poorest and children in the teaching of the word of God and how to show them the way to a relationship with Jesus (10 years old) Innate leader of groups of sticks (majorettes) and at an early age he was already together with governors and social leaders expressing their point of view and advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable and the little attention to young people of adolescent age, so much so that upon graduating from High School they recognized her for her more than 10 years teaching and her social work.


2007-2010 She prepares as a teaching leader of several courses to teach as a volunteer to adults the Discipleship programs, Point of Parting for new converts and other leadership classes at Iglesia El Calvario de Orlando under the pastorate of Nino Gonzalez and the supervision of the person in charge of Education Pastor Victor Ramos and other youth pastors such as Pastor Gaby Mejia and for 2 years she has been a home Bible study facilitator.


In the banking industry in the 2007-2015 cities of Kissimmee, Orlando and Washington DC she had the opportunity to be the secretary of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando in Osceola County and was contacted by a famous Hospital for help against the fight against the Childhood Cancer to organize the First Marathon in the city of Orlando November 2013 that was successfully held in the city of Orlando. There, a local businessman was contacted by the co-founder to take charge of a work that had remained in the dreams of this generous businessman who prefers to remain anonymous who had already helped in Brazil, Bolivia and Chile in 2008.

2013 Marina Sol Distefano gives legal form to VOICE FOR A CHILD 2015 were approved as 501 C 3 under in the state of Florida and the works have never stopped since then, they have been able with much effort and independently to help in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Colombia and will continue to expand to bring medicine to those rural and remote areas of different underdeveloped countries around the world and locally in Osceola County and neighboring counties of Central Florida in general committed to the mission of making strategic alliances with pediatric doctors, local hospitals, local and international business owners, community leaders and artists who identify with the work in order to help the greatest number of children without resources to pay for their medical treatments without a fixed home and those victims of domestic violence and abuse including from newborns to 19 years of age, They are the future of the World.

Marina "Sol" will continue training to take this work to its greatest objective and that is to open her own hospital under the name of A voice for a Child to be able to accommodate all those homeless who cannot access the technologies that we have in the USA from underdeveloped countries and local children. His long-term goal will be in the next 5 to 10 years to be able to fulfill the promise he made to his co-founder and see his wish fulfilled, with his own locality. For God there are no impossible things and with Him I can do everything! "Whoever entrusted me and gave the work will show me the way and open the doors as they have done so far"


She was the mother of Isabella (4) who became her driving force and reason of life for whom she fights daily and to whom she will teach these values, morals, ethics and compassion so that in the near future she can continue this legacy


  • Nicaragua, Juigalpa maternal and child hospital more than 60 single mothers with help for their newborn babies



  • Nicaragua, Juigalpa 100 people received food and toys

  • Texas 6 buses were loaded with water, clothes and food after the hurricane after the devastating passage of Hurricane Harvey (co-founder initiative)



  • Nicaragua, Juigalpa

  • Argentina, Mendoza helps 6 single mothers with clothes for a whole year for their babies.

  • Osceola County back to School with local bank sponsorship to benefit Osceola School District Families in Transition.



  • Argentina, Buenos Aires special wheelchair for epileptic girl and orthopedic equipment for her transfer and care.

  • Osceola County first TOY drive for the homeless children and 3 King day Celebration



  • Nicaragua

  • Honduras
    2 shipments of clothing to Honduras after the passage of hurricanes ETA and IOTA connection with local ministries and the Honduran air forces.

  • Osceola and Polk County
    2nd toy drive for delivery on January 2



  • Delivery of toys to the children of immigrant farmers in Lake Placid along with other local organizations.

  • Wheelchairs and orthopedic equipment are ready to be delivered to those who need it most.